Jane Ulrich 

Personal Protocol, Professional Conduct



Jane Ulrich has a knack for bringing out the best in people and their businesses. As the majority shareholder at renowned manufacturer FisherCast Global, Jane dedicated many years to honing her skills at managing, assembling successful teams, client relations, negotiating and resolving conflicts within an organizational setting.

Add to that her work as a community leader, where she has led the United Way Campaign, held an advisory role on the Trent Business Council, offered guidance for the local women's business community, and dedicated herself to a number of charity events, and Jane is poised to offer invaluable experience to others.

Today, she invests that insight and understanding into Jane Ulrich & Associates where she's able to offer all the benefits of her personable, interactive approach to guiding, refining and bettering businesses. Jane Ulrich is certified by the Protocol School of Washington.




With more than two decades as a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry including successful ownership of an historic English Country Inn, a Bistro Café and an English Tearoom, Jan has unique insight into the use of etiquette and protocol in all social and business settings.

Jan is certified in Etiquette, Leadership and International Protocol with the renowned Etiquette Leadership Institute, Athens, Georgia and The Protocol School of Washington, Washington DC. Blending a professional and direct approach Jan presents in an interactive and entertaining format appealing to young people, students and business professionals alike.

Her enthusiastic personality combined with her engaging relational skills for all ages and great sense of humor ensure stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding training session.

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